ATOME Particles supporting the Solvency II reporting process

About the client


"GamaLife was set up to transform traditional life insurance companies via a forward-thinking approach. We don’t settle for how things have always been done. We are agile and responsive to emerging needs.

We’re open to new technology and ways of working that deliver better transparency and service. We recruit smart, dynamic people. We partner with high potential businesses.

We deliver growth through efficiency and customer value."


Headquarters: London, UK

CEO: Matteo Castelvetri

Founded: 2019

The problem

From the beginning, GamaLife sends its quarter and Annual Solvency Reporting to Autoridade de Supervisão de Seguros e Fundos de Pensões (ASF- the Insurance Regulator in Portugal). XBRL files are sent to the regulator without any prior validation, generating several extra interactions with the regulator. Each detected error can ensue a new interaction, which could take several days until the file was accurately validated.

The solution

The main advantage that the ATOME: Particles solution offered to GamaLife was undoubtedly the reduction of interaction time with the Portuguese regulator. With ATOME: Particles, file validation has become easier, as data is validated at once, with a single interaction with the regulator.

Thanks to the solution, when the file is sent to the regulator, it is accurately validated.

A characteristic that we are particularly fond of is the fact that during the validation process, ATOME: Particles shows the error itself on the same screen. It also displays in which QRT the error is located and the lines of the QRT itself where the errors are.
This feature allows us to go directly to the resolution of the error, drastically reducing the time spent solving each issue. With this solution, we have more time to allocate to other activities of added value.

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Monika Kwaśniewska

Monika Kwaśniewska

Business Development Manager


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Joanna Tołoczyńska

Business Development Manager


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ATOME Particles

ATOME Particles is a dynamic reporting solution designed to cater to the needs of filers, regulators and vendors, enabling straightforward creation, editing and validation of regulatory reports, which can be imported and exported either in Excel or XBRL format.