I N S U R A N C E  &  P E P P  P R O V I D E R S

Make every Solvency II report
pass the regulator’s gateway

Now you can check Solvency II QRTs
using XBRL validation software by BR-AG.

Make reports accurate and compliant
An XBRL - certified report creation tool
Secure desktop solution and reliable API
Data validation engine built by BR-AG

Anticipate the results of the 2020 Solvency II review

Use software to future-proof reporting

The upcoming changes will force you to reinvent your reporting. Start testing the new taxonomies with ATOME Particles software early on to make sure your reporting systems embrace the new reporting requirements by the time the changes come into effect.

Get a hand from Solvency II experts

If you want to keep pace with regulatory changes, BR-AG consultants can help you pick up the necessary knowledge quickly and assess how the updates introduced to the EIOPA reporting frameworks affect the scope of your regulatory reporting.

L A T E S T  T A X O N O M Y  V E R S I O N S

Solvency II taxonomy 2.7.0 and 2.8.0

Be among the first to access the upcoming XBRL taxonomy versions in ATOME Particles
and test your reports to prepare for the new Solvency II reporting requirements in advance.


Stay on top of updates

Meet the new Solvency II reporting requirements

Solvency II 2.7.0 key updates
(operational since 2023)

  • Integrated PEPP prudential reporting for insurance and reinsurance companies.
  • Standalone PEPP prudential reporting for banks and other PEPP providers.
  • Introduction of the PEPP-specific validation rules.

Solvency II 2.8.0 key updates
(operational since 2024)

  • Over 80 templates amended (cross-border reporting, group reporting, list of assets, internal models, etc.)
  • About 40 new templates added (cyber risk and climate change-related risk templates, etc.)
  • Over 30 templates removed.

S O L V E N C Y  I I  C O N S U L T I N G

Knowledge-sharing sessions with
Solvency II experts from BR-AG

If you’d like to learn how to incorporate new data points into your reports and ensure
they pass the latest Solvency II validations, reach out to our experts for advice.

Get to know-how

Put EIOPA PEPP and Solvency II reporting on rails

With ATOME Particles, you can validate your data, correct errors, and create XBRL reports that pass the EIOPA gateway.

  • New releases of EIOPA reporting frameworks added in one click
  • Data import from technical and visual Excel, XBRL
  • Thorough check of XBRL and business validation rules
  • Validation errors explained and highlighted in reports
  • Data export to technical and visual Excel, XBRL, CSV
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