Your XBRL data validation tool to mitigate the risk of reports resubmissions

Now you can gain confidence in compliance even if short on time to prepare reports, detect and correct errors.

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An XBRL - certified report creation
Secure desktop solution and reliable API
Data validation engine built by

No more unexpected rejections for your filings

With ATOME Particles, you gain confidence in the regulatory data you report

Data validation shouldn't eat up your time

Now you can ensure the quality of data in your reports without having to wait hours for another validation to be finished – double-checking your largest XBRL files will take minutes.

You deserve knowing what to correct and where

Correcting validation errors shouldn't feel like solving conundrums – your data validation results should show an exhaustive list of errors and give you a clear idea how to fix them.

There's a way to mitigate your risks


Reduce the risk of rejections, missed deadlines, or fines – use a data validation tool that applies the same validation method that works at the regulator's submission gateway.

Get a reliable tool to validate your XBRL reports


A powerful validation engine

ATOME Particles runs about 25k automated data validations while you brew a cup of coffee.

  • Check reports for XBRL and business validation rules.
  • Disable seperate validation rules that apply to data that you don't have to report.

Use reporting indicators

Have a clear picture and visibility of what data you need to submit and get notified if your report is missing it.

  • Indicate which tables of the report are supposed to be filled in your report metadata.
  • Meet the requirement of providing the "yes/no" filing indicators for every table in your report.

Quickly identify data errors

See what data points cause validation failures and what rules they don't meet.

  • Erroneous cells are highlighted in the tables.
  • Failed validation rules for erroneous cells are explained in Excel-like formulas.
  • The error messages formulated the way regulator defined.

Have the right taxonomy at hand

Access latest taxonomy versions early and test reports against new rules long before the submission period starts.

  • New versions of taxonomies are added to the list in one click.
  • Old taxonomy versions remain available to support resubmissions.

Augment the existing reporting proccess

Import reporting data from visual Excel (visual or technical in the form of Data Point List), XBRL and be able to extract information even from a damaged XBRL file.

  • Validate data sourced from different formats.
  • Export data to a valid XBRL instance.

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