Your XBRL data validation tool to mitigate the risk of reports resubmissions

Now you can gain confidence in compliance even if short on time to prepare reports, detect and correct errors.

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An XBRL - certified report creation tool

Secure desktop solution and reliable API 

Data validation engine built by BR-AG

Your XBRL reporting shouldn't be so stressful

ATOME Particles XBRL reporting software changes the game

You don't have to risk a failure with no-validation XBRL conversion plugins

Now you can forget about reports bouncing from the regulator's gateway close to the deadline — your regulatory filing won't be hit-and-hope.

You shouldn't see XBRL reports failing submission for unknown reasons

You can get a tool that shows and explains XBRL and business validation errors, helps you fix them, and generates a valid XBRL file.

You can say NO to complex reporting tools placing a burden on your budget

You're not bound to purchase sophisticated software with redundant functionality if all you need is to cater to a limited scope of reporting.

Discover the simple way to prepare XBRL reports


Purchase. Download. Use.

You don't need to ask the IT department to install new software — instead, simply unpack it as if it was a zip file.

  • A safe desktop app is ready-to-use in 5 minutes.
  • No need for admin access rights to your PC and manual installation.

Access taxonomies instantly

Your license includes the taxonomies of your choice for banking, insurance, or investment firms reporting.

  • Have your taxonomies available in the app immediately after downloading.
  • Update the taxonomies to the latest version in a click with old versions remaining accessible.

Import from Excel, XBRL, DPL

Your data management process can stay the same — import data to ATOME Particles to create the final XBRL report.

  • Retain the current report preparation workflow.
  • Fill in data right through the app interface.

Edit reports in Excel-like view

You don't need to learn a completely new interface — if you are used to working in Excel, ATOME Particles feels like home.

  • Work efficiently with reports that follow the familiar structure aligned with the taxonomy.
  • Easily navigate between reports and tables.

Validate reported data in minutes

Validate the data you source from Excel or double-check reports created using different XBRL reporting tools.

  • Check XBRL and business validation rules at once.
  • Enable or disable separate validation rules.
  • Get all validation errors listed and explained with erroneous data points highlighted in tables.

Learn more about XBRL report validation


Export data to Excel, XBRL, DPL, CSV

Get valid regulatory reporting data in the formats you need for manual work or data exchange automation.

  • Export data to human-friendly or machine-readable formats to make it reusable.
  • Create valid XBRL reports ready for final submission.

Validate XBRL files with thousands of data points in minutes

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